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Millennial Lecture Series

The Class of 2000 debuted the Millennial Lectures at Reunions in 2006, with the intent of bringing discussion of important, current issues to the events calendar.  The Series was awarded the Alumni Council Committee on Reunions Award for Innovation in 2011.

Lectures normally take place the Saturday morning of Reunions weekend.  Lectures are open to all and often feature Princeton faculty or other notable speakers.

MLS in 2017

"Can America Still Lead? The Past, Present, and Future of US Foreign Policy"

Tom Malinowski
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor;
and former Washington Director, Human Rights Watch

10:30am, Saturday, June 3, 2017
East Pyne, Room 010

Previous Millennial Lectures

  • 2015
    Jonathan Meer '02, "Effective Fundraising and Effective Giving: An Economist's Perspective"
  • 2014
    Jeremy Adelman, "Is Online Teaching the Future?  A View from Princeton"
  • 2012
    Keith Whittington, "Free Speech and Occupy Wall Street"
  • 2011
    Alexander Glaser, "Is there a future for nuclear power after Fukushima?"

  • 2010
    Eliot Spitzer, "Lessons from the Economic Crisis"
  • 2010 Precepts
    Christopher Eisgruber, "How to Pick a Supreme Court Justice"
    Robert Socolow, "Fitting on the Planet"
  • 2009
    Alan Blinder, "How did we ever get into this mess?  (A discussion about the financial crisis)"

  • 2008
    Uwe Reinhardt, "The National Economy, the Credit Crisis, and the Presidential Election"
  • 2007
    Robert Socolow, "Mitigating Global Warming: Getting Real"

  • 2006
    Sean Wilentz, "Who is the Worst President Ever?"

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